For the third year in a row the Sharon Boosters hosted their Mini Golf Extravaganza at the SHS gym combining 18 holes of mini golf with the excitement of the 50’ Long Putt Competition for a chance at a $10,000 grand prize.  There was a spirited competition for the team with the best costumes and after serious debate Bob Sondheim, Sharon’s AD awarded the prize to the Boys Swim Team from among more than 30 teams competing.   Two firsts this year deserve mention.  Jeff Cruzan became the first ever player to make a 50’ putt during the qualifying rounds.  With the crowd gathered for the final attempt Jeff succumbed to the pressure and hit his “Big Money” putt about 30’.  Serious ribbing ensued.  This year we also introduced the new interactive trivia contest for all players and hopefully generated interest for even larger competitions in the future.